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Coffee Gift Baskets Delivered to Connecticut

In the morning to wake up, in the afternoon as a pick-me-up, or as a cap to dinner; coffee is the best accompaniment. Different roasts, regions, and ways to sip can make or break your day. We at Connecticut Baskets offer an assortment of coffee and pairing options in our Coffee Gift Baskets. We offer Coffee Gift Baskets delivered to Connecticut so your friends in Connecticut can be pleased.

Coffee Gift Baskets Delivered to Connecticut
Connecticut Coffee Gift Baskets

Customize your gift basket for yourself or for someone else with upgrades such as wines, baked goods, and sweet treats. All our gift baskets come with a lovely bow on top and an optional note card if you’d like to personalize your gift further. You can always customize or upgrade your Coffee Gift Basket with additional gourmet foods, wines, cheeses, flowers, and so much more from our extensive collection.

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Connecticut Coffee Gift Baskets

Our Coffee Gift Ideas for Mom & Dad

From carpool to soccer practice, Mom is on the go. Help Mom zip from school to karate class in a jiffy with some coffee! Connecticut Baskets suggests the beautiful Morning Coffee & Muffin Gift Set. This gift basket comes complete with delightful fair-trade coffee from Magnificent Bastard, but also takes care of breakfast with muffins and a mug for Mom! Customize this gift basket with upgrades to treats for mom like wine, cheeses, and flowers! We offer Coffee Gift Baskets delivered to Connecticut.

Help forgetful Dad to never forget his coffee again. We recommend Connecticut Baskets’ Midtown Coffee Gift Set complete with a coffee thermos. Dad can wake up while he rushes out with a bite of this gift basket’s coffee cakes, pretzels, and sweet confections all served up on its own tray. Most importantly, dad will love Roasted Tsunami’s fair-trade medium dark roast coffee beans. To add more flare to dad’s routine, customize and upgrade your gift basket to his tastes with selections of beers, gourmet foods, and liquor. All our baskets are available for delivery in Connecticut.

Coffee Gift Baskets Connecticut

Our Coffee Gift Ideas for Friends

The night is young and so is you! Treat your friends to a lovely picnic and pick-me-up with Connecticut Baskets’ popular Banana Bread Picnic Gift Basket! Pamper your chosen family with Roasted Tsunami’s fair trade medium dark roast, banana pecan loaf, and other delights all in a beautiful wicker picnic basket. Customize your gift basket to your buddy’s preferences with our range of wines, liquor, cheeses, and more! We offer Coffee Gift Baskets delivered to Connecticut.

Coffee Gift Baskets Delivered to Connecticut

Our Coffee Gift Ideas for Bosses & Co-Workers

Help your boss work on their endgame while on the go. Connecticut Baskets’ Executive Golf Wine & Snack Gift Set boasts Marich chocolate espresso beans, sweet treats, savoury snacks, and Oniva Ace’s executive putter set. Make the right impression by helping your boss make par on the course. Show attention to detail with Connecticut Basket’s options for upgrading wine, liquor, cheese, and gourmet food to the head honcho’s tastes. All our baskets are available for delivery in Connecticut.

Brighten up your co-workers’ days with some sweetness. We at Connecticut Baskets recommend the bestselling Gourmet Cookie Assortment Gift Basket complete with sweet treats and Gone Kooky’s café dream cookies. Customize your gift basket with gourmet foods, flowers, and cheeses to keep morale up! All our baskets are available for delivery in Connecticut.